Grandmaster Shoffit



About Kwan Jang Nym (Mr. Richard Shoffit):


(Left to Right) Co-Founder Bob Jones, Jeff Chitwood, Richard Nielsen, Richard Shoffit, and Shin-Toshi Founder, Mickey Fisher at one of the first brown belt tests at Dallas Academy of Karate (Walnut Hill and Marsh), 1969.

In 1968, having graduated from high school, Mr. Shoffit received his introduction into the martial arts. It was during this nostalgic period of the late 60s and early 70s that he developed his intense personal interest in the cultural, historical, and philosophical aspects of the martial arts. Since receiving his black belt in 1972, Mr. Shoffit has gone on to expand his study in both eclectic and traditional martial arts.
In 1974, Mr. Shoffit graduated from North Texas

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace

Mr. Shoffit with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.

State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology which was offered through the Education Department. While attending graduate school in 1976, he decided to make a professional career in martial arts by opening a studio on a full-time basis. In 1986, Mr. Shoffit completed construction on his spacious, custom-built facility that is now the base of his operation.
Over the years, Mr. Shoffit has had the opportunity to train extensively with numerous masters and grandmasters. Collectively, this wide range of study has helped him develop the philosophy that a balanced system should be complete but not finished. Some of the more notable individuals with which Mr. Shoffit has trained in a variety of areas are:


Mr.Shoffit testing for Sho Dan in Iai-do (1981)

Mr.Shoffit testing for Sho Dan in Iai-do (1981)

In American Martial Arts – Mickey N. Fisher (Founder of Shin-Toshi), Joe Lewis (Florida),

In Brazilian Martial Arts – Royce Gracie

In Chinese Martial Arts – Robert L. Jones, Jr. (Co-Founder of Shin-Toshi), Eric Lee (Hollywood, CA), Al Dacascus (Oregon), Francis Fong (Atlanta, Ga), Jeff Speakman (Hollywood, CA), and Grandmaster Ron Van Browning, 10th Dan San Soo Kung-fu (Dallas, TX).

In Filipino Martial Arts – Leo Gaje (Big Springs, TX), Dan Inosanto (Torrance, CA:  Bruce Lee’s close friend and protege), and Remy Presas (San Francisco, CA).

In Japanese Martial Arts – Tetsuji Yamaguchi 5th Dan (Dallas, TX) for Kendo and Iai-do. Also IMAF Masters Shizuya Sato 8th Dan Judo and Jujutsu, Katsuo Yamaguchi 9th Dan Iai-do, Ikuo Higuchi 7th Dan Karatedo, Tadanori Nobetsu 8th Dan Karatedo, Mr. Wally Jay 10th Dan Ju-Jutsu and 6th Dan Judo (Alameda, CA), Tony Annesi 6th Dan Kamishin Ryu, Aiki-jujitsu (Ashland, MA), and Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Kobudo, Kendo, Iai-do, Judo, Aikido, and Jodo with Darrell Craig (Houston Budokan).


Mr. Shoffit with Hapkido Grandmaster Han Jae Ji, 10th Dan at a Dallas seminar.

In Korean Martial Arts –  Hapkido with five elite groups. Dr. He-Young Kimm (Founder 10th Dan Han Mu Do, 9th Dan Kuk Sool Won), Kuk Sool Won Grandmaster in Hyuk Suh 10th Dan (Houston, TX), and Hwarang-do Grandmaster Joo Bang Lee, 10th Dan (Downey, CA), GrandMaster In Sun Seo, 10th Dan, World KiDo Association (Fremont, CA). Hapkido founder, GM Han Jae Ji, 10th Dan. Also, Tae Kwon Do Master Jack Hwang, 9th Dan (WTF).

In Okinawan Martial Arts – Jack Hogan 8th Dan Ryukyu Kempo, Kobudo, and Karate with Darrell Craig 6th Dan (Houston, TX), Fumio Demura 7th Dan (New York), Glen Rebago 6th Dan (Hawaii), Student of Tadashi Yamashita 7th Dan(California), and George Dillman 9th Dan in Ryukyu Kempo (Reading, PA), Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker, 9th Dan Torite Jitsu, 9th Dan Okinawan Kempo, (Stuarts Draft, VA).


Master Shoffit demonstrates Hapkido throws.

In past years, Mr. Shoffit has taught an accredited course on self-defense for Texas Woman’s University as well as programs for the Denton Independent School District and the National Guard.  Formally, Mr. Shoffit was on the fellowship at the University of North Texas, teaching accredited courses in self- defense offered through the Kinesiology department. He is also has an unpublished biography on the eclectic system of martial arts that he teaches as well as focusing all of his energies into the new millennium, and the changes it will bring.



Ranks and Certifications
• 9th degree Black Belt – Korean Bulgyo Musool Association
• 9th degree Black Belt – Shin-Toshi Headmaster
• 8th degree Black Belt – Shin-Toshi (Moosul Kwan Hapkido) USTXD403
• 8th degree Black Belt – Hapkido (Moosul Kwan Hapkido) USTXD403
• 7th degree Black Belt – Shin-Toshi (GM Kang Rhee, 10th Dan)
• 7th degree Black Belt – Moo Duk Kwan TKD (GM Burleson, 10th Dan)
• 7th degree Black Belt – ISA Tae Kwon Do (GM Petrotta, 10th Dan)
• 5th degree Black Belt – Sungja-do (Hapkido)
• 5th degree Black Belt – Song Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do
• 3rd degree Black Belt – Bo Jitsu (Stick Arts)
• 1st degree Black Belt – Kendo (Swordsmanship)
• 1st degree Black Belt – Iai-Do (Sword Arts)
• 1st degree Black Belt – Iai-Do (Muso Shinden Ryu)
• 1st degree Black Belt – Kobudo (Ancient Weaponry, IMAF)
• Certified Instructor – National Arnis Association (non-ranking)




Sensei Shoffit, 1st Degree Black Belt, 1973

Membership in Professional Organizations
• Certificate of Appointment – Administrative Advisor (Int’l Jun Tong MuSool Kwan)
• International Instructor Certification – World MooSul Kwan Federation (USTXD403)
• Certificate of Declaration – World MooSul Kwan Federation (USTXD403)
• Letter of Appointment (#A-246) World KiDo Federation / Hanminjok Hapkido Association
• Letter of Approval (#A-128) World KiDo Federation / Hanminjok Hapkido Association
• International Martial Arts Federation (#95062)
• International Sungja-do Association (#3037-BB-7)
• International Tae Kwon Do Federation (#2982)
• National Arnis Association
• Seishin-Kai Goshin Budo Ju-Jitsu (#97016)
• Seishin-Kai Martial Arts Union (#48)
• Southern U.S. Kendo and Iai-Do Federation
• Texas Tae Kwon Do Federation
• US Kendo Federation
• US Tae Kwon Do Association (#1667)
• US Tae Kwon Do Federation (#2982)
• World Black Belt Bureau
• World Tae Kwon Do Federation (#5905540)
• University of North Texas Alumni


Awards, Honors, and Publications
• 2020 – Awarded Denton County OPEN Grant for small businesses
• 2019 – Certificate of Appointment, Shin-Toshi Headmaster Goju – 9th Dan
• 2019 – Korean Bulgyo Musool Association – 9th Dan
• 2019 – Int’l Jun Tong Mu Sool Kwan Seminar, Richardson, TX
• 2019 – Hapkido Seminar – John B. Murphy, 9th Dan
• 2017 – Celebrating 50 yrs of Shin-Toshi with Co-founder, Sifu Jones
• 2016 – Dallas Academy of Karate Reunion, in memory of Mickey Fisher
• 2016 – Monica Lopez Open, Decatur Convention Center, Decatur, Texas
• 2015 – Kenpo Seminar, GM Tim Bulot 9th Dan (Reding Martial Arts) Denton, Texas
• 2013 – Karate Shin-Toshi Founder / Kwanjong Mickey N. Fisher dies (age 67) Dallas, Texas
• 2012 – Int’l Jung Tong Mu Sool Kwan Seminar & Promotion Celebration
• 2011 – Jun Tong Mu Sool / World KiDo Federation Seminar
• 2010 – World KiDo Federation, Hanminjok Hapkido Association Tournament / Seminar
• 2009 – World KiDo Federation, Hanminjok Hapkido Association Tournament / Seminar
• 2008 – Shaolin Temple Monk World Tour – SMU
• 2007 – Eric Lee China Tour – Shaolin Temple
• 2006 – World KiDo Federation / Hanminjok Hapkido Association Grand Nationals, Dallas, Texas
• 2006 – World KiDo Federation / Hanminjok Hapkido Association Seminar, Dallas, Texas
• 2005 – Shaolin Temple Monk World Tour – SMU
• 2005 – World Sin Moo Hapkido Seminar, GM Ji, 10th Dan, Dallas
• 2005 – State of Texas Boxing Second License (SECOND0015202) Austin, Texas
• 2004 – World Sin Moo Hapkido Seminar, GM Ji, 10th Dan, Dallas
• 2004 – Japanese Police Seminar (Taiho-Jitsu), Houston Budokan
• 2002 – Francis Fong Seminar, Dallas, Texas
• 2001 – America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals
• 2001 – Goshin Budo Ju-Jitsu (#97016)
• 2001 – Master Instructor – International Sungja-do Association
• 2001 – World KiDo Fed. / Hanminjok Hapkido Assoc. Seminar – GM Seo, 10th Dan, Austin, TX
• 2000 – (2) Ryukyu Kempo, Tuite, Kyusho-Jujitsu Seminars, Jack Hogan, 8th Dan, Bedford, Texas
• 1999 – Dunn & Bradstreet
• 1996 – Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers
• 1995 – Marquis Who’s Who in America
• 1994 – World Han Mu Do Assoc. Seminar, Dr. Kimm, 10th Dan
• 1993 – Remy Presas Modern Arnis Seminar, Dallas, Texas
• 1993 – Shin-Toshi, copyrighted with Library of Congress
• 1992 – Professor Wally Jay Seminar, Dallas, Texas
• 1992 – Who’s Who in Martial Arts (Michael DePasquale, Jr.)
• 1991 – Japanese Masters Congress and Seminar
• 1988 – Coordinator for Instructor Training, Texas Black Belt Commission
• 1988 – Founded National Shin-Toshi Association
• 1987 – Eric Lee Seminar – Dallas, Texas
• 1986 – Custom-built facility for National Headquarters constructed

Mr.Shoffit with Dr. He Young -Kimm, 10th Dan/Founder HanMooDo, 9th Dan KukSoolWon

Mr.Shoffit with Dr. He Young -Kimm, 10th Dan/Founder HanMooDo, 9th Dan KukSoolWon

• 1986 – OZAWA Cup International, Las Vegas, Nevada
• 1985 – Instructor Certification, World Tae Kwon Do Association
• 1985 – Who’s Who in American Martial Arts (Dale Brooks)
• 1984 – 1st Southern Kuk Sool Won Seminar, Houston, Texas
• 1983 – California Martial Arts Seminar, Dan Inosanto
• 1983 – Texas Invitational Kali Seminar, Dan Inosanto, Dallas, Texas
• 1982 – National Arnis Association, Certified Instructor (Tuhon Leo Gaje)
• 1982 – California Martial Arts Seminar, Dan Inosanto
• 1982 – Who’s Who in Karate (Dale Brooks)
• 1982 – Instructor’s Manual, Texas Tae Kwon Do Federation
• 1980 – Letter of Commendation, Korea Moo Duk Kwan Association
• 1979 – Meeting of the Masters Seminar, Dr. Kimm, 10th Dan, Dallas, Texas
• 1979 – 5th World Kuk Sool Won Association – Houston, Texas
• 1978 – Awarded 2nd Dan Karate Shin-Toshi, Founder Mickey N. Fisher

Mr. Shoffit with Mr. Fisher at his North Town Mall dojo, Dallas, TX (mid-1970’s).

• 1976 – Opened first Shin-Toshi dojo
• 1974 – Graduated North Texas State University – Bachelor of Science in Education, Psychology (begins graduate work)
• 1972 – Awarded 1st Dan Karate Shin-Toshi, Founder Mickey N. Fisher’s 1st Black Belt
• 1968 – Mr. Shoffit began martial arts

Presently, Mr. Shoffit’s rank is recognized and registered by seven (7) international organizations, four (4) national, and one (1) state.  The system of Shin-Toshi that he currently teaches draws from six (6) major composite systems.  The system of Shin-Toshi that Mr. Shoffit teaches is recognized and registered with the Seishin-Kai Karate Union, Tokyo and Osaka City, Japan and the All Japan Karate-do Federation.  In addition, Mr. Shoffit currently has both individual and school memberships with the World KiDo Federation.

Grand Master Shoffit is currently the highest ranking Black Belt in Shin-Toshi. The first American martial arts system.