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The early years…


shoffit_dak_multiple attackerKendo
Kendo means “way of the sword.” It is the modern sport and art of Japanese fencing. Ancient Samurai sword techniques evolved over the last 150 years from the battlefield to the arena. The result is Kendo. Depicted in the Star Wars trilogy by the laser sword, it is considered by some to be the art of the twenty-first century. Anyone enjoying the fast pace of handball or racquetball would enjoy Kendo. Kendo training balances the endocrine system, develops quickness, posture, and cardiovascular output.

shoffit_sai defenseArnis/Kali
Arnis/Kali means “harness of hand” in Spanish and “goddess of war” in Filipino. It is the indigenous fighting art of the Philippines. Kali is an extremely fast-paced art combining three areas of combat in one. Kali incorporates knife, stick, sword, and empty-hand combinations in both single and double categories into one. It teaches footwork, directional change, and centrifugal force. Similar to Chinese Kung-Fu, Kali represents the passive/aggressive aspects of martial arts training.

Kobudo means “weapons way.” It is a twentieth century term that collectively refers to Okinawan and Japanese weaponry. The weapons were usually farm tools (bo, kama, nunchaku, sai, tonfa) used in defense against the Japanese Samurai’s long sword. Kobudo is a crude, fast, ingenious, and short-lived adaptation to martial arts principles that gives a true picture of self-defense. Kobudo develops individual dexterity and ambidexterity.

Mr.Shoffit receiving Black Belt Certificate in the Sword arts (1981)

Iai-Do means “sword arts.” It is the modern art of drawing the Samurai sword. Kendo and Iai-Do are synonymous. Iai-Do helps develop the eyes, the nervous system, and overall concentration.

Shin-Toshi means “new independent way.” It is documented as America’s first eclectic system of Asian martial arts. Shin-Toshi is a predominantly empty-hand system that successfully blends Chinese Kenpo, Korean Tae Kwon Do, and Japanese Karate for the expressed purpose of self-defense. Shin-Toshi’s philosophy of martial arts is the nucleus that allows all of these disciplines to coexist in the form of an Academy.


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