50th Year in Martial Arts

2018 marks a significant year for the studio – Mr. Shoffit’s 50th year in martial arts (1968 – 2018). July marks the beginning of his 43rd year in Denton and Mr. Shoffit’s 69th birthday – he opened his studio on his birthday in 1976. Denton Academy of Martial Arts is the longest operating martial arts studio in Denton’s history. Martial arts’ foundation comes from three of the seven distinctive shapes: square, triangle, circle that come from the ancient icons of martial arts basics that every student should know. These provide the hard and soft body mechanic concepts which give us a balance of strength and flow. While other studios instruct in martial sport, we train in a balanced system of martal arts that is complete, but never finished. Our system includes: Tae Kwon Do / Karate (strength and power base), Hapkido / Kali (circles and flow), as well as Chinese Kenpo, Goshin Budo Jiu-Jitsu, Filipino martial arts, and Kobudo (ancient weaponry). Watch our website and Facebook page for a special, first of its kind, Anniversary offer for training beginning July.